About Us

 We are entrepreneurs whose jobs is to slay the dragons most business owners try to fight:

  • Access funding
  • Manage their finances
  • Get tangible results

We know exactly how access to capital grows profits.

How comprehensive financial management stops money-bleeding.

How strategic vision rewards the entire company and leads it to a safer future.

For 20 years, Altima Business has stood by entrepreneurs’ side and provided strategic, operational and financial expertise, and over $400 million in capital.

Entrepreneurs account for nearly half of the entire US Economy, creating prosperity, diversity and opportunity in our local communities. Every day we work hard to move businesses from point A to point B. We know exactly the dragons you’re trying to fight and we’re always on your side to do it together.


Andre Fox Wilson Sr.

Andre Fox Wilson Sr.

Managing Partner / Funding Executive


Carine Dieude

Carine Dieude

Partner / Strategy Executive